T-Mobile CEO Promises Cable Internet Providers Tight Competition in 2019

Earlier this year T-mobile announced that it will be launching its own cable-disrupting service by the end of 2018. However, in a recent report, it was revealed that the company will be postponing the launch to 2019 as it needs more time to produce a truly ‘disruptive’ offering.

The company’s TV service was confirmed by an FCC listing which appeared in early November that a set-top box with the carrier’s logo.
Earlier this month the company was given two options to either launch a mediocre TV service product this year or postpone it and launch a better service next year. In a statement done later by the company, they announced that they opted with postponing the launch.

In a recent blog, T-Mobile CEO John Legere wrote:
“In 2019, we’ll take our first steps to take on another stupid, broken, arrogant industry—maybe the stupidest, brokenest, arrogantest industry of all: cable and satellite TV,”.
He, however, did not give any details as to why the launch was delayed. He, however, predicted great success for the company as a new cable provider which has already been suffering significant losses due to cord cutting.

“The Cableopoly doesn’t know how to treat customers or how to compete,” Legere wrote. “And when they face competition, things will go to hell. That’s what will start to happen to Big Cable in 2019.”
Legere announced his positive predictions about the company in his annual blogging of predictions and boasts of the upcoming year. The CEOs predictions have a neutral reputation with a few hits and miss in the past years. He correctly predicted Verizon’s short video service Go90 would fail, but also predicted the fall of Dish Network, which still survives as an independent company today.
Legere also took some time to throw some shots at competitors Verizon and AT&T, stating that T-Mobile would offer faster 5G wireless service nationwide, while his competitors would have more limited offerings. And he predicted Verizon would sell its digital media and advertising unit, Oath.




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