Spectrum Subscribers Might Lose Sports and Entertainment TV Programs This 2019

Customers might not be able to catch their most awaited football games in their cable tv. Contract between Spectrum and Tribune Media is about to expire this first of January. However, no final agreement has been done.

“The NFL playoffs begin January 5 and we want football fans in our markets to be able to watch these games and root for their favorite teams—we want to reach an agreement with Spectrum,” said Gary Weitman, Tribune Media’s senior vice president for corporate relations. “We’ve offered Spectrum fair market rates for our top-rated local news, live sports and high-quality entertainment programming, and similarly fair rates for our cable network, WGN America. Spectrum has refused our offer.”

He added: “We are only a few days away from the deadline to reach an agreement with Spectrum, just as we have done with every one of our other cable, satellite and telco distributors. We felt that now was the time to begin telling Spectrum subscribers that they may lose access to our stations and the programming they provide.

Contract will be expired in few days however the said cable internet provider is still negotiating further.

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