No more Spectrum in New York!

Commissioners revoked Spectrum’s approval and barred the company for operation. Last Friday, Gov Andrew M Cuomo’s moved to ban Spectrum from New York and directing the giant internet, cable, and phone company to hand over its business and move out from the state. But the state’s Public Service commission added that charter deserted to follow with terms of its alliance with Time Warner Cable. Making charter one of the biggest companies in the country, the state allowed charter to take possession of Time Warner Cable, if the company acknowledged to better its broadband services in sparsely inhabited areas.

Any interruption to charter’s operations is improbable to come any sooner, as the charter looks forward to challenging the order, but
the commission ordered Charter- which only fits Comcast in size to come up with a 60 days plan as a substituting provider without any interference to services. In addition, it was also told the state Supreme Court in Albany to compel the company to reimburse the additional fines.

From an independent news conference later than decision, Mr. Cuomo added Charter had constantly declined the states efforts to hold it
responsible. The conclusion of the Public service Commission’s is the latest and prolonged conflict between charter, which is also operated under the name of spectrum and employees including 11,000 New Yorkers and Mr. Cuomo, who was charged with the company of breaking their promises to expand broadband services to rural areas of the state.

He stated, “Some of these large corporations think they can get away with murder, right?”
“Just because you’re a big corporation doesn’t mean you can come into this state and bully the consumers of this state.It’s not going to happen.”

Mentioning in a statement that in light of the companies “egregious” and “wholly deficient” performance,
the commission supplicated the language of morality in its concussion. And added it is “no longer in good faith and conscience” grant it to
do business in New York.

But, Spectrum officials claimed that the move might be influenced politically, taking in consideration that the Election day was nearing.
The governor slowly strengthen his magniloquence against the company as the provider has turned away both Mr. Cuomo’s charges of malfeasance, and an unrelated worker’s strike that has lasted more than a year.

The company stated that, ” “In the weeks leading up to an election, rhetoric often becomes politically charged,”
“But the fact is that Spectrum has extended the reach of our advanced broadband network to more than 86,000 York homes and businesses since our merger agreement.”

A representative of the international Brotherhood of Election Workers local 3, stated the leader if the company as “bad players.”
However union member who have been imposing against the company cheered the conclusion with Derek Jordan. In addition, Mr. Jordan said if charter passes it’s business
over to another company the union will move forward to negotiate with the provider to secure vigorous pension and medical benefits.

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Jeenah Moon from The New York Times

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