Murdered with Crossbow Outside Home in Michigan

A man found his twin brother fatally shot to death by a crossbow outside a Michigan home on Wednesday.

A news from the Norton Shores Police Department stated that the man had “discharged a crossbow at the victim, striking him in the torso and killing him in his driveway.”

Norton Shores said that they a 20-year-old man was arrested from Grant on an open murder charge which is related to the shooting of Marcus Olmstead, who was also 20. Authorities said that this murder was not a random act and apparently the suspect knew Olmstead.

The Suspect’s identity was refused to be revealed pending his accusation on Friday. FOX17 reported, police said the death was ruled a homicide following an autopsy.

Michelle stated that her stepson few hours before his death had returned home from a friends place after playing games and had been waiting for his girl he had messaged. She added his twin was shattered.

she said,”Max had the strongest bond to Marcus than anybody.” She also said,”He’s devastated. He’s very angry. He’s a 20-year-old young man. He’s got a flow of emotions. He lost half of himself — his twin.”

Olmstead’s twin brother, Maxwell, found his brother dead in the driveway of his home, with a crossbow bolt lodge in his torso. His stepmother, Michelle Olmstead, told WOOD-TV that she tried to revive him.

“The first thing I do, I see him, I went into nurse mode, checked a pulse, did CPR,” she said. “He was already passed. He was cold.”


Fox News

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