How long do you have to not be a customer before signing up again?

In the event that you’ve dropped your Spectrum bundle previously, to what extent do you need to hold up before joining again as “another” client? Range doesn’t really have a solid approach on this — it tends to be anyplace from a month to a year, contingent upon the rep you converse with.

My suggestion for past Spectrum clients: on the off chance that you’ve been a client previously and need to join once more, do it via telephone. Range deals reps are more averse to condemn you than in-person store partners since they are boosted to join however many clients as could be expected under the circumstances.

In any case, a year is a greatest you’ll need to hang tight to appreciate any new client advancements Spectrum is running around then. Nothing is sure, as Charter is likely continually attempting to discover approaches to benefit from you, however, it can’t hurt to attempt significantly sooner than a year if the need emerges. Simply be set up to be closed down all the while.

Tips: Can my Roommate or Family Member Get A New Customer Deal?

The “roomie switch” is the last (and most shrewd) trap I’m mindful of, apparently utilized by client baffled that they couldn’t consult with Spectrum. This is when shared families drop administration and join under someone else’s name. All things considered, I don’t propose you attempt this. It is against terms of administration and liable to get you cut off. It won’t work on the off chance that you share a last name, at any rate.



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