Here Are 4 Ways The Government Shutdown May Affect You

It’s the 12th day of the government shutdown and negotiations to re-open about a quarter of the federal government have been frozen for nearly two weeks. President Trump will be meeting with the congressional leaders from both parties this Thursday, to try to find a way to end this partial shutdown however it is no guarantee that it will be the end of it.

With that in store here are 4 ways this partial government shutdown could affect you:

  1. No visits to all Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo
    In a statement released Wednesday, Smithsonian Institution announced that all its museums, together with the National Zoo will be closed.
    “Due to the federal government shutdown, all Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo are closed,” the institution said.
    “Museum and National Zoo programming and events are also canceled.”
    In addition to the National Zoo’s grounds being closed to the public, its live-animal cameras — including the popular panda cam — will not be operating during the shutdown, the statement said.
    The institution, however, promised to still continue tending to the animals regardless of the shutdown. “A shutdown will not affect the Zoo’s commitment to the safety of staff and the standard of excellence in animal care,”
  2. Garbage and human waste pile up in public parks.
    After t two weeks into the shutdown, garbage and human waste are piling up in Yosemite National Park, The Los Angeles Times reported. The park remained open since the shutdown began, having to continue with very little resources, like restrooms. Without access to restrooms, some park visitors are relieving themselves outside, but they aren’t following the park services’ recommendation to pack and carry out or bury their solid waste. As a result, some areas of the park, including “all snow play areas,” have been closed. Trash and toilets are also a problem in Joshua Tree and Pinnacles National Park in California, and at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Other parks like Arches and Canyonlands in Utah and Yellowstone National Park have announced full or partial closures because of personnel shortages
  3. Losing out on loans
    NPR’s Shannon Van Sant reported last month that new housing development grants and housing quality inspections may be delayed. So could loans for new homebuyers.
    USA Today reported that Small Business Administration also won’t be able to process loan applications that startups and small-business owners use to get funding.
    The Department of Agriculture also announced last week that it won’t be issuing any new rural development loans, which are designed to aid home, business and utility development in rural areas.
  4. Saving deals for federal workers.
    A few local businesses in D.C are trying to help ease some of the federal workers’ financial stress caused by the shutdown by offering deals on food to anyone with a government employee ID.
    Celebrity chef José Andres tweeted (sic) “All my beautiful hardworking people of the Federal Goverment, come to any of my places with your families at the bar between 2-5 pm for a free sandwich.Everyday until back to work!”


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