Google Assistant Will Now Notify You if Your Flight is Delayed

Good news for travelers or anyone who is going on a trip. As per google, they started sharing flight predictions when you search for your flight status which is 85 {82420c97707a3781aafdf16cd101fa9ef84723d614dac73bc18e86d345751dc0} accurate. Aside from the delay you can also ask if your flight is on time or the status of your flight.

Here are the types of questions you can ask Google regarding your flight.

”Hey Google is my flight going to be delayed?”

”Hey Google, is my flight on time?”

”Hey Google what’s the status of American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Miami?”

The Google Assistant will also be able to give updates on flight time. They will be notifying your phone and give reasons if available. Users can be notified even before the delay is announced.

However, since Google said it is 85 {82420c97707a3781aafdf16cd101fa9ef84723d614dac73bc18e86d345751dc0} accurate users are still advised to check flight information services either by calling them on a phone or checking in through the internet. Now if ever you want to make a quick stop before heading the airport you can check with Google if there’s extra time in case your flight is delayed.




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