Elon Musk’s Critic has a Change of Heart

Stuart Varney, a long time critic of Elon Musk might very well be having a change in views about the technology entrepreneur and product architect of Tesla. Varney recently went on air and defended Musk in his interview.
This comes as a surprise as the Fox Business host has been quite vocal about his disapproval of Musks methods in the past. In 2014, Varney had a debate with colleague Liz Claman regarding subsidies being given to Tesla and SpaceX. In a remark after the debate, he was quoted as saying, “Elon Musk is addicted to tax breaks.” Earlier this year in July, when Tesla was still struggling to hit its Model 3 production targets, Varney said that the “writing is on the wall” for Musk, and that “If he wants to run Tesla effectively, he has to calm down and maybe close his Twitter account or retire to a nice corner office and let an adult run things.”

However, in a recent show, the host had a different view on Must and stated that ‘I think it’s time to re-evaluate the man’. Varney also remarked that it is difficult to ignore the fact that Musk is a “brilliant” entrepreneur and that he actually does act on his visions and dream and turns them into reality.
“I think it’s time for a re-evaluation. I think it’s time to look at the man’s achievements, rather than his public image. Like him or not, Elon Musk is surely the prime example of a brilliant entrepreneur”. Varney remarked. “He makes state-of-the-art electric cars. OK, he leaned heavily on green tax credits, but the Tesla is a stand-out vehicle. He had the vision. A lot of people talk about their “vision,*, but he went out and did it. You’ve heard of SpaceX. That’s an Elon Musk company. He had a vision for reusable rockets, and he went out and did that, too… That’s an achievement.”

This comes as a great report for the 47-year-old CEO who’s had an undeniable difficult year. However, despite all the run-ins he had with publications and long hours of work, he was still recognized as one of the best CEO of 2018 by Tesla and SpaceX employees.




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