Comcast in Business with Atlanta Hawks’ State Farm Arena

Comcast in Business with Atlanta Hawks’ State Farm Arena

It seems like the newly renovated State Farm Arena (formerly known as Philips Arena) will be bringing fans major upgrades to satisfy their digital experience.
On Tuesday, 18/12/18, Comcast business announced an agreement with the Atlanta Hawks Business club to provide and handle the WiFi network at the newly renovated State Farm Arena. With this new agreement, fans will have the liberty to enjoy ten times the current speed at the Arena and more WiFi “hotspots” which will be brought to nearly a double as compared to what was available before the massive $192.5 million renovations. The Sports Arena which is an official enterprise of the Atlanta Hawks has
been closed since April amidst major renovations and only opened to the public in October.

In a statement, Marcus Wasdin, the chief information officer for the Atlanta Hawks, said, “We view renovation as innovation,”
“This is the perfect opportunity to solidify a core component of the fan experience. Connectivity is the foundation to our digital initiatives where we seek to allow fans to enjoy the arena in new and immersive ways tailored to them. As an organization, we want to create a one-of-a-kind digital experience to engage fans, and this partnership with Comcast Business will provide the foundation for us to do so.”

These new developments come as an early Christmas gift for fans who are always looking to feed their crave to engage with the teams more. This will also improve fans interaction the newly launched Atlanta Hawks a mobile app.
A few other essentials that will be enhanced include:

  • Purchasing of tickets and managing of parking.
  • Purchasing of premium seat upgrades.
  • Watching of special content, get stats as well as taking part in promotions
  • Sharing of your State Farm Arena experience on social media.

“Just as State Farm Arena has undergone a physical transformation, Comcast Business is a key foundation in its digital evolution by offering the technology to improve the fan experience and enhance operations on event days. Fans have high expectations for seamless connectivity when attending games, concerts and other events. With faster WiFi, they can continue to do the things they love, like share pictures and videos, post on social media, and stream audio and video with ease.” said Comcast Regional
Senior Vice President Doug Guthrie

Atlanta Hawks also benefit a great deal in the new developments as this comes with better support for the stadium infrastructure. This will see them getting new building management tools among other things. The Atlanta Hawks will also get the benefit of new applications such as ticketing and wayfinding.

Comcast business, which is a subsidiary of Comcast, handles delivery of internet, phone, and cable TV to businesses through several iterations. In 2012, it was the fastest growing Comcast product reaching a growth of 34{82420c97707a3781aafdf16cd101fa9ef84723d614dac73bc18e86d345751dc0} and producing revenue of up $2.4 billion for the conglomerate. It followed it up with a revenue generation of up to $3.4 billion the following year, an increase of 26{82420c97707a3781aafdf16cd101fa9ef84723d614dac73bc18e86d345751dc0} from the year before.








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