Charter Communications could, after all, stay in New York state.

Late last year the FCC ruled that Charter Communications had not met the conditions that came it the merger between the cable provider and Time Warner Cable.
Spectrum, the largest cable TV provider in New York state, and one of the largest cable operators in the country promised thousands of its new customers in New York high speed internet in un-served and under-served areas of the state. However, the public service commission revoked the merger as they ruled that the cable TV provider had not lived up to its promises and thus had to leave the state.
However, The PSC’s revocation order got a lukewarn reception from local officials across the state asking, if Spectrum had to leave, who would take its place?
As of this week, Charter Spectrum was granted a 30-day reprieve to seek a rehearing of last year’s decision by the PSC. They have until March 6 to file the petitions needed to request a rehearing. They were also granted an additional 30 days, through April 3 to file a six-month exit plan out of New York. It is reported that a preliminary deal to keep Charter Spectrum in New York could be reached as soon as a few weeks.

“The parties are currently considering proposed settlement frameworks, and the parties would benefit from having additional time to consider these proposals in connection with the settlement discussions,” an attorney for Charter wrote in a filing with the commission.

According to PSC Chair John Rhodes said that a final settlement with Charter must include an agreement of which addresses will count toward their agreement; a monetary penalty and a schedule to finish the rest of the work.




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