AT&T Will Keep Your Money Even If You Cancel the Service

The company just announced a ”no more prorated service” if you cancel your service in the middle of a billing cycle. The said change will be in effect this coming January 14, 2019. They used to give credit when a subscriber cancel the service before the next billing cycle. With the new policy even if you no longer want the service even if you are 24 hours in your billing month you have to pay for the whole month itself. It means keeping and paying a service you no longer want.

According to Gizmodo the new policy will be in most states and will not apply to customers in Illinois, New York and California. U-verse TV, AT&T Phone or AT&T accounts in Michigan are included in the list too.

If you are switching between the following products the change doesn’t apply.
Direct TV- satellite television
U-verse TV- cable television
DSL and AT&T Phone
Landline Phone and AT&T Phone
Moving customers to a new location and DIRECTTV for Business are not affected with the change.

It was relayed that ”certain states, a limited number of customers will continue to receive prorated credits, either as a result of local or state regulations or for other specific reasons.”

After visiting the AT&T site support it was mentioned that the new policy was to mainly keep the video and broadband services follow the same billing cycle.

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