Already a customer? Upgrade your Spectrum Services with new deals

Are you currently a Spectrum service subscriber? You only have Internet Service and been wanting to have cable TV service? Spectrum offers great bundles for cable, internet and phone services.

If you already have Internet service with Spectrum and you want to have the bundles that are shown in ads. You can avail the Triple Play or Double Play bundles.

Bundling your services with Spectrum would of course save you more money than getting cable from another provider. With over 125 channels on Triple Play Select bundles you can have variety sports, news, cartoon channels and top rated movie channels.

However if you have cable TV subscribed from another provider you don’t have to worry about the contract if that is what’s holding you down. Spectrum offers a buyout program.

”To qualify for the contract buyout program, a customer must order and install a qualifying Triple Play or limited Double Play promotion; offers not available in all areas. Offer available to qualifying customers only who have no outstanding obligations to Charter. Check amount will be determined by the early termination fee on the final bill from the previous provider, not to exceed $500. For contract buyout qualifications, go to”- Spectrum

You can also avail the Double Play bundles Internet and cable TV service or Internet and Phone service which offers unlimited calling for local and long distance.



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