15-year-old Girl Faces Unsolved Medical Mystery

Envision feeling alive and well one day, at that point ending up in the hospital with devastating agony and swelling the following. It’s the predicament confronting a Northland 15-year-old at this moment. What’s more, specialists are astounded with respect to why it’s occurring.

Jordyn Walker appreciated a family journey the previous summer. Be that as it may, when she returned to the states, her restorative bad dream started. It began with stomach torment and bleeding stools.

“It just went haywire from there. Everything started swelling.” Walker said.

15-year-old Jordyn lost her feeling of taste and smell.Doctors in North Carolina ran tests, and sent her home, supposing it was a sinus infection.That prompted different expert visits back home in Kansas City and huge amounts of tests.

Kendyll Walker, Jordyn’s mom said, “Everything came back normal.”

The family was let know of it as “one out of a million” scene and that it most likely could never happen again. Be that as it may, two weeks previously Christmas, 16 months after her underlying trial, Jordyn’s medicinal secret returned with a retaliation.

“My whole face just turned purple and bruised and giant with blood,” Jordyn said.

“It was terrifying to watch it happen all over again and knowing we couldn’t do anything about it,” Kendyll said.

This time, Jordyn went to the ER at the University of Kansas Hospital. She wound up in pediatric concentrated consideration. A 16-day hospitalization with more tests, meds, and two medical procedures to lessen eye swelling followed.But to date, specialists remain baffled.

Kendyll said,” There’s no answers. Nothing you can do.”

The teen does have one new diagnosis: permanent blindness. While the cause of her strange symptoms remain unsolved.

“She won’t get a chance to drive. Or see her sisters get married like she wants so much,” Kendyll said.

Jordyn’s outlook is determined and positive but the skilled archer and budding journalist knows things won’t ever be quite the same.

Jordyn said, “I’m not going to let this stop me.”

Kendyll said, “It makes you feel like you are not alone. “

The family’s extraordinarily appreciative for an overflowing of help. Presently they’re trusting somebody will discover answers to at long last help Jordyn mend.

“If anybody has any idea what this could possibly be or what type of testing she could go through to get an answer, so this doesn’t happen again, we would be immensely grateful,” Kendyll said.

In the hope of getting answers and a treatment plan, Jordyn’s family is planning a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and Jordayn now has an emergency kit to treat symptoms if they happen again.

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